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Pics from Burgettstown, PA 6/26

Great show, that. We were in the reserved area, just outside the edge of the pavilion. Pics are big, so I put them behind a cut.

Didn't we have good seats? Actually, the video screen was right over my head, so I snapped a few from that.

This is more like what our view was. We were kind of far back, but almost dead center, so the sound was really good too. I also taped it, and it sounds sweet. Not as good as the lucky bums who tape from three feet in front of the speaker, but still good. We missed most of Keller Williams, unfortunately, because he was incredible. First time I'd ever seen him, and I can't wait til Tuesday to see him (Keller, that is) again. Hopefully we won't get stuck in traffic for TWO HOURS again! Blossom manages their traffic much better, though. If you're going to see Dave soo, I definitely recommend getting there early enough to see Keller Williams. Out of this world.
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