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dmb_trading's Journal

dave matthews b&p & trading
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Hello & welcome to the last stop on livejournal to meet all of your dave matthews band musical needs! Here you will find overly anxious daveheads who are more than willing to trade shows for you so you can get your collection to where it should be!

lambie, maintainer

The Rules:

  • How to do a b&p. follow this & you'll be set. HOWEVER. it is IMPERATIVE that you follow these instructions down to the t! Should you get the wrong kind of mailing envelope or not send enough cds there are a number of things that could go wrong with your trade. Please make it easy on everyone!

  • email me as soon as you join! let me know who you are & if applicable, give me the shows you already have so i can put them in our memories list.

  • when requesting a show, please, of course, put it in the subject line of your post. Make it short. "ISO* 4/20/02" or "will trade 5/15/99 for 6/11/01".
    *in search of

  • Post an entry on the community, and if you already have someone in mind, let that person know to email you with his/her address. If you do not already have someone you wish to trade with, you can request for them to email you their addresses.

  • If you are the requester, it is your responsibility to set the ball in motion. Do what the trader is asking of you. Do it in a timely manner. After all, it is a very kind deed they are doing for you! If you decide not to do the trade, please let the person know. Don't leave them hanging!

  • Member's email addresses can be found in our memories list.

  • Member's list of shows can be found in our memories list. If someone has a show you want- request it or make a trade with them.

  • When you receive your package- please either make a post in here or email the sender saying that you have got it in your hot little hands! That goes both ways-when you are sending your blanks to the trader & when the trader is sending your newly copied shows back to you. We need to keep track of what is going where & who has what.

  • When you receive a show back, please offer it up to someone else. We can't just take & take & not share the wealth with anyone else!

  • We only trade unreleased shows! What cds can be bought in the stores- WILL BE bought in the stores! We must continue to show the love to our band by buying their merchandise!

  • We only trade dave matthews band, hence the name.

  • We don't burn TAO (track at once... gaps between the songs)

  • We don't trade Mp3 shows

  • paying for copies of live recordings is against the band's trading & taping policy. you should always be able to find someone who will offer up a trade or b&p.

    Great sites for downloading shows: